Biography OF John Grandits

John Grandits at age 5
John at age 5.
John Grandits is a poet, typographer, art director, designer, & writer. He’s written cartoons, articles, humor pieces, fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. Occasionally he’s been published. In his previous life he was associated with a number of juvenile publishing ventures including Cricket, Muse, and Click magazines, Crown Books for Children and Random House. He has also art directed adult trade and children’s textbooks. For a short time he was owner and publisher of Film and Video News magazine. He has written and designed books, book jackets & covers, brochures, advertisements, periodicals, record jackets, corporate logos (although he hated doing it), posters and, of course, poems. Oddly enough he didn’t become funny until he was 55 years old. His ultimate goal is to design the perfectly illegible font and use it for the perfectly unreadable concrete poem.